Galaxy Starry Sky Projector

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Lelah Tillman

This is my second projector like that, I ordered one for myself and then when my sister seen it she wanted as well, it looks amazing, perfect for adults and kids, easy to use, transform a room in to a very magical place

Rosanna Herman

This product is worth your money! The kids are as pleased with this product as i am. They have finally awaited the arrival of the product and seem to love it. The product arrived quickly and includes many colours, speeds and star functions. For a product of this high quality it is worth your every penny! I recommend this product to all. This product can be used from Bed time stories to parties and get togethers. You can control the speed and what type of settings you like by a click of a button with the little remote control that is included! This is an amazing product and best to look at in the dark. Recommend to Everyone!

Avery Kuhn

This item arrived safe and well packaged.
This is a really good little projector lamp. It is a small round black unit with little feet around the bottom. It is curved so it can be positioned in multiple directions. Once you've found the perfect position, the light it produces is huge fun! It projects very bright shapes and laser patterns all over the walls, floor, ceiling, house, or anywhere you point it! The remote control provides great control, whether that is turning on/off, spinning, flashing etc.
The main unit could be positioned in an awkward place as the remote control can adjust it from anywhere. That means that the party can happen absolutely anywhere!
I highly recommend this product.

Amani Dach

Great galaxy sky light, this looks more realistic compared to some others as it has stars (green laser) and supernovas (all different colours). Worth the extra £20 compared to others! Turns itself off after a few hours of inactivity and also has speed and brightness settings to set any mood for different sized environments. Highly recommend!

Lina Thiel

I was pleasantly surprised at how detailed and realistic the projections are from this product. Sure, the stars are pretty cool, laser dots as you'd expect, but the coloured nebula clouds really are amazing.

The smoky texture of the different coloured "gas nebula clouds" (or whatever the correct term is) are mesmerising.

Kids or adults will be equally delighted by this product.