Colorful Starry Sky Galaxy Projector

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Katrina Cremin

Create some magic for your kid's bedroom. This projector was a birthday gift for our friend who has a five-year daughter who is mad about stars and galaxies. Ever since we gave her this, she loves it and has been looking forward towards bedtime, excited every evening. It's nice and bright, the projection is very crisp and is of high quality. Our friends tell us that they leave it on a timer switch for 15 min and it switches off after that. Its got a small handy remote which can take your storytelling to the next level. For a 20X20 room, it can convert it into a party hall in no time. Overall, it has been a fantastic purchase; we actually ordered one more for our son who can't stop talking about it. Highly recommended. For the price, you will not be disappointed.

Jayne Cormier

This projector is fantastic my daughter loves it
It’s easy to use take AAA BATTERIES which you need to purchase yourself... the remote control allows you to chose the settings and it’s got different colours xx
Soo soothing and beautiful to watch really relaxing think I nat buy myself one now lol

Kelsie Gusikowski

I bought this for my Granddaughter for Christmas, thought I would just try it out beforehand, Wow, it is so pretty
Wanted to keep it myself. The effects are beautiful, mesmerising and relaxing .
Really solid item, Very simple to use. Can’t wait to see her face when she opens it on Christmas Day.

Rocky Graham

Amazing! Really do not hesitate!! The beam of light takes the whole of my room of 20 square m! Super beautiful and the colors are intense! Only in exceptional cases the product arrived a little late.

Kathlyn Keebler

So so beautiful, love the added shooting stars!
It covers the entire room easily! The only little thing I would say is that the lead is a bit short, I'd like to be able to put it higher out of my son's reach, would still definitely recommend though!