What is the Dune Series? Dune returns to the cinema in 2021!

What is Dune ?

What is dune ?

                  One of the most important sci-fi series of all times, Dune, will turn back to  the movie theaters soon. The first adaptation of Dune to the cinema was in 1984. The director of the movie was David Lynch. In 2021, Dune will come back to the cinema and the director of the movie is Denis Villenueve.    Science fiction lovers all around the globe are excited to see Dennis Villenueve’s adaptation of the remarkable series.  People who are really interested in sci-fi movies are already informed about the series. However, to the people who started their science fiction adventure with recently popular series like Star-Wars adaptations Dune could sound unfamiliar. If you are one of them, you can learn what Dune is and why you should care about it.


The Novel

Frank Herpert

                  First of all, originally Dune is a science-fiction novel.  One of the most important science fiction authors, Frank Herpert is the author of this fabulous science-fiction series. The novel won two most valuable awards of the science-fiction genre, Hugo Awards and Nebula Awards.  It has been the  best selling science-fiction novel in the world for decades. There are six books in the series.  It has an extensive universe, and although it is not easy to explain all details in brief, we do our best, and you will learn the most important points you should know about the series before the movie is released.

Place and Time

                  Dune takes place in the distant future, in a fantasy universe called .  In the novel, human beings succeeded to build an intergalactic empire away from the Earth. The power of human beings is beyond our imagination in terms of technology. There are spaceships which can surpass the light velocity. However, there is one major problem.  On a planet called Dune or Arrakis, there is not enough water for humanity.  Moreover, under the soil there are giant sandworms. Although this planet is a complete desert, all the struggle between powerful monarchies in the intergalactic empire takes place in that planet, and all the powerful families want to take control of Arrakis. Why ? The reason for that is a precious element called Melange.   Melange is important for humanity because it improves abilities such as memory and foresight. It is also a key factor for a long life. Moreover, without Melange, intergalactic travels are not possible. These features make melange the most important element in the galaxy.  The main theme of the series is the political and economic relations and struggles which are shaped around the element called melange. Let’s move on with the plot and main characters.




                  The Atreides family is at the center of the story. This family is the ruler of another plan called Calladen. At the beginning of the story, the Emperor orders Duke leto to relocate to Arrakis. The mission of the family is to take over the melange mining on the planet.  However, this is a trap for the Atreides.  The emperor decided that the Arkeinen family must be destroyed and, the nemesis of House Atreides, House Harkonnen was the main actor of the assault.  After Atreides' family landed on the Arrakis, they faced a big Harkonnen attack supported by the Empire.  They join forces with the people called Fremens to take back Arrakis and avenge.


Main Characters 

                  Dune is a long story and it has lots of different characters. In this article, we will give you information about the most important characters that you should know.


Paul Atreides 

Paul Atreides

                  The protagonist of the series is Paul Atreides. He is the heir of the House of the Atreides.  At the beginning of the story, Paul is just a boy who is only 15 years old. However, he has been trained in terms of combat and strategy since his childhood to become duke. After the family lands on Arrakis, he also starts to be trained by Fremens, the native people of the land.  Paul is tall and strong in character. He also has the ability of strategic thinking. He will be the most important character of the first movie.


Duke Leto Atreides

Duke Leto Atreides                 

Leto is the father of Paul, and the leader of the Atreides family. At the beginning of the story, Duke Leto is ordered by the Emperor to go back to Arrakis.  This order was the beginning of his new fate. Leto is a powerful and wise man. However, he can be cruel against his enemies.



dune - Jessica        

Jessica is another lead character in the book.  She is the mother of Paul, and the concubine of Leto.  She is affiliated with a school named Bene Gesserit. It is a controversial school because the skills taught in the school are evaluated as practices of witchery.


Baron Vladimir Harkonnen

Baron Vladimir Harkonnen

            He is the head of House of Harkonnen, and the nemesis of Atreides. He is a fat man and lives dependent on some electronic devices which makes him look even fatter.