The Best Science Fiction Movies on Netflix

The Best Science Fiction Movies on Netflix


If you are a sci-fi lover and tired of browsing Netflix to find a good Sci-fi movie, this article would be helpful for you. In this post, you will see several sci-fi movies from different sub-genres. There are both classical sci-movies and new sci-fi movies in the list. We hope you enjoy it!


I am Legend (2007)

 I am Legend (2007)  -

The first movie in our list is one of the classics of the sci-fi genre. I’m Legend is a post-apocalyptic movie, adapted from the famous novel Richard Matheson.  Famous actor Will Smith plays the leading role in this classical movie. He portrays a virologist from the US Army, Robert Neville. He is the only survivor of a dangerous virus that destroyed all humans from the world.  Robert Neville tries to find a cure for the virus by using his natural immunity, and he also try to survive from the attacks of mutant army.



Inception(2010) -                 

Cristopher Nolan is one of the most renowned directors of our time. Inception is accepted as the best movie of Nolan by many cinema lovers.  Even some people who do not like sci-fi genre at all loved this movie.  Leonardo DiCaprio plays the leading role in the movie as Cobb. Cobb is an international fugitive. He is known for his abilities that enable him to go through the minds of other people via dreams. This breathtaking story is a must for all sci-fi lovers.


E.T (1982)

 E.T (1982) -                

E.T is another sci-fi classic which attracts millions of sci-fi lovers all over the world.  Although it was shot in 1982, the fans of E.T still watch this movie with great enjoyment. Touches of Steven Spielberg, one of the greatest directors of all time, makes this movie unforgettable for many people in the world. The plot of the movie is simple, but the movie portrayed this simple topic in a very emotional and detailed way.  A boy who lives an ordinary life meets an alien, and they become close friends. If you like watching adventurous sci-fi movies, E.T would be a good choice for you.


I Am Mother (2019)

 I Am Mother (2019) -

I Am Mother is a good choice for the people who love dystopian themes in sci-fi movies. In the center of the story, a young girl called as Daughter tries to save the collapsed world, and populate the world from the beginning.


Snowpiercer (2013)

Snowpiercer (2013) - 

Snowpiercer is a perfect choice for the people who like sci-fi movies with political themes. This movie is directed by famous South Korean director Bong John-Ho. In the movie, a group of scientists perform an experiment to stop climate change. However, the experiment fails and the Ice Age returns as a result of the dangerous experiment. A few survivors have to live in a train. However, there is still a class distinction in the world. There are rulers and ruled classes. People who are oppressed by the ruling classes want to stop the oppression.  It’s a great movie. We recommend all sci-fi lovers to watch this movie.


Jason X

Jason X - 

Jasson Voorhees is an iconic character in teen slasher genre.  Although he is actually a character in a movie named Friday the 13th, the character has his own fans apart from the movies.  Jason X is the 10th movie of Jason series, and the genre of the movie is a mix of sci-fi and horror genres.  In the movie, Jason X tries to kill some scientists, and even androids in a far future.  If you like Jason Voorhees and sci-fi movies at the same time, we are sure that you will also love this movie.