Sustainability and Sci fi Atmospheres | Our Target


                  As Sci-Fi Atmospheres, we are proud to offer you the top quality sci-fi products which have sci-fi characteristics. However, the only thing that we are proud of is not that.  We are also proud of contributing to mother nature. We give importance to the balance of nature as much as we give importance to the quality of our products that we are offering to you at our online shop ! We should not forget that mother nature gave us life, and we should help it. In our article, you would see our sustainability and tree planting activities to protect the balance of nature.


Sustainable Materials 

                  The first thing we can talk about is the materials we choose for our products.  We only use sustainable materials in our products.  Our purpose in using sustainable materials is to create a difference with just a little change. To protect the environment, you do not always make big changes. Using sustainable materials in the products could make a great difference. When you use sustainable materials, you would help our duty to minimize the waste. Our world are not going to be full of waste if all of us prefer sustainable materials.


Online Shopping

                  As you know, we serve as an online store for the people who want to buy some sci-fi products which have fantasy features. Online shopping may have lots of benefits, but the most important one is about the environment.  Serving as an online store instead of having a store in the street is a great way to reduce our carbon footprint in the planet.


Our Mission To Plant Tree             

                  While buying products at our online shop, you are also helping mother nature.  We are aware of the environmental problems that we experience and we want to play a role in stopping them together with you. When you buy some products at our website, we plant one trees for every product you buy. In this way, we maximise the role we play in sustainability


Where Do We Plant The Trees  ?

                  We do not have any specific area to plant trees.  Our partners in developing communities get in touch with us about the possible areas to plant trees. Then, when you purchase some products at our website, we plant the trees in proper areas.


Trees Will Not Be Cut Down

                  The trees we plant for you after the transaction would not be cut down in the future because the trees are planted in the areas which need trees. The trees also cater for the people who live in the area. The trees would be harvested periodically and they grow back in a stronger way.


Which Kinds Of Trees Do We Plant ? 

                  While choosing the type of the tree we plant for you, we consider several factors. The first one is that the tree should be native to the area where we plant it.  When the tree is native to the area, it will grow without a problem. Another factor which affects our tree decision is the growing speed of the tree. We prefer fast growing trees to help the flora in the fastest way.


Help Nature !

                  As you probably know, we are in the middle of a climate crisis which affects our planet terribly. The amount of green areas are reducing all over the world. Moreover, with some of our preferences and acts, we, as human beings  are also accelerating environmental degradation.  Our purpose is to recover nature frıom the pollution, degradation and reduce our carbon footprint on the planet. You can be sure that you are going to help an environmentalist action when you buy products at our website.