Must-Read Black Science Fiction Writers

Black Sci Fi Authors


Black sci-fi authors made a great contribution to the sci-fi genre. The emergence of a sub-genre called Afrofuturism could be the biggest contribution of Black folks to sci-fi literature. In the books of Black Sci-fi authors, the main theme is generally black diaspora culture. There are many sci-fi books that every sci-fi fan may like, and in this article, you will find some of them.

Octavia E. Butler

 Octavia E. Butler -

Octavia E. Butler could be the most famous black sci-fi author. She was the pioneer of the feminist trend in sci-fi genre. There are several novels by Octavia E. Butler that you can read, but the fist novel we suggest to you is Kindred.  In this magnificent novel, a black woman and his white husband travel back in time. They go to times before the outbreak of American civil war when people legally owned slaves. Kindred and other novels of Octavia E. Butler offers you an incredible experience.


Kallyn Bayron

 Kallyn Bayron -

Kallyn  Bayron is another famous black sci-fi author. She is known for adding her special touches to classic themes, and turning theme into dark stories. After reading her novels, you won’t be sure about if you really understood some stories that you read when you were a child.  She has several books but we rank “Cinderella Is Dead” first. In this novel, Sophia tries to destroy the patriarchy while living her life in her own way at the same time.


Alaya Johnson

                 Alaya Dawn Johnson -

Alaya Johnson is also a sci-fi author. However, she has a very distinctive style when compared to other sci-fi authors. Her distinctive genre could be named as speculative fiction. Some sci-fi readers may find her books very far from the traditional sci-fi genre, but if you read one of her books, you would understand that her books are definitely page-turners.  She is especially successful in creating alternative universes that have good historical backgrounds.  If you want to start reading her books, Trouble The Saints would be a good choice.


Milton Davis


If you like Afrofuturism themes in sci-fi books, you should read some books by Milton Davis.  He  is one of the best representatives of Afrofuturism.  The most famous book of Milton Davis is Fallen, and we suggest you to start reading the works of Milton Davis with Fallen.  You can find elements of speculative fiction, Afrofuturism, romance and traditional sci-fi at the same time.


Jelani Wilson


If you read Octavia Butler’s books and liked them, you will probably like Jelani Wilson’s books too. Wilson openly says that she is a big Octavia Butler fan, and she even says that Butler is the reason why Wilson became a sci-fi author. You can find deep philosophical elements in her books. The most famous book of Jelani Wilson is novella named Ballad of the Bladesinger. In the novella, 5 mages start a journey to become free, but they fail. As a result, they find themselves in a situation that they need to save themselves and the rest of the world.

Derrick Bell

 Derrick Bell -

Derrick Bell is another black Sci-Fi author you should read if you like seeing political themes in sci-fi stories. Derrick Bell is not only an author but also a professor, lawyer and activist. His short story, The Space Traders is known for its cultural impact. Bell was interested in cultural theories as well as literacy along his life, and traces of critical race theory could be seen in this story. He criticised the White American’s approach to Black Americans in this book. One of the most popular sci-fi themes, alien invasion is addressed in a different way in this book.